What is an On-Demand Warehouse?


Movies on-demand, TV shows on-demand, ride on-demand, the list goes on. The term “on-demand” has become part of everyone’s lives and is practically synonymous with the advances brought about by technology. If you check the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase is defined as “soon as or whenever required”. In business terms, this can also mean “available when a customer wants or asks for something”. What if we told you that we would be the first to bring Warehouse on-demand to the Philippines?


An On-Demand Warehouse is an innovative, efficient, affordable and flexible way of managing your storage needs.  Rather than renting out or building a whole warehouse worth of space, an on-demand warehouse allows you to pay only for what you need when you need it. We give our customers the ability to scale their warehousing needs up or down, for as long or short as they want.


Warehousing for businesses

One important challenge any business will face as it grows is its storage and warehouse requirements. How a company stores its goods, equipment, or materials plays a key part in ensuring that the business can operate efficiently.  It is also important if the business can even provide its customers the best experience or price possible.

One thing we’ve realized is that a lot of businesses and professionals have trouble finding the right warehousing solution. Businesses tend to look for solutions that can add efficiency, consistency, and quality to their business operations. We’ve seen this especially when the business or company is starting to grow and take-off.  

Similar to how it can be a headache to find an office space for 15 people, which is more than a couple desks but less than half a floor worth of lease, it can be difficult to find the right size of storage for your business.

This is why we decided to bring warehousing on-demand to promising small businesses and startups, and even large businesses who are looking to be as efficient as possible.

The on-demand approach in warehousing changes the game. It can be the backbone of a startup’s entire warehousing strategy. It may also supplement a big company’s existing logistics network built across various distribution centers.

In either case, it allows any business to adapt quickly to variable demand and cost conditions.


Old Versus New

If you try searching on the internet for warehouse space, you’ll typically find 200 sqm to 2,000 sqm or even bigger warehouses available for rent. While many people (like you) might only need 10-20 sqm for a dozen of boxes, these spaces would be way too large and also cost too much.

More than that, most storage providers normally require a contract that ranges from 1 to 5 years, when you might need storage for just a couple months for seasonal surge orders, deliveries or inventory.

Craziest of all, if you can’t find a solution for your warehousing needs, you might even think to build one yourself. But that’s proverbially like “buying a cow just to have a steak”. This would hardly be a practical and sensible solution when companies and owners should focus on their business.

We’re here to change all this so that you can focus on your business. We’re here to handle your specific warehousing needs so you don’t have to worry it anymore.

While “warehousing on demand is new in the Philippines, it is not new in other countries. This model for warehousing is already popular around the globe. It is already being practiced by countries including India, United Kingdom, and US. Warehouse Solutions.PH  brings the first on-demand warehouse to the Philippines.


Grow your business with our On-Demand Warehouse

WarehouseSolutions.PH is an online platform that makes on-demand warehousing simple, flexible and more accessible to businesses large and small, from online retailers to multinationals. It offers flexible warehousing services at our customers’ terms and convenience.

WarehouseSolutions.PH’s services allows you to store even just 1 pallet worth of boxes to hundreds of pallets worth boxes, from a period as short as 1 week to as long as 2 years. We’ll even pick up your boxes or deliver them to where you need them to be. From the port to or from your factory or even to your stores.

We are strategically located in the south of Metro Manila near both the airport and seaport, making us one of the best and few warehouse solution providers that can efficiently pickup, store, and deliver in the city.

We also offer extensive warehouse services including handling of goods, palletization, and logistics services such as loading and shipping.

WarehouseSolutions.PH is the one-stop shop for your warehousing needs. For more information about our services, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to know more details about on-demand warehouse. You can also get an estimate by checking our storage cost calculator.

Request for a quote so we can help you with your warehousing needs today!