Avail at least one pallet space for a low price of Php200/week.*

*All discounted rates are subject to change without prior notice.


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Service & Pricing FAQs

Pallet Size is 1.2m L x 1.1m W x 1.47m H

Yes, you can. But since this is considered high volume, we can best assist you through our Sales Hotline: (02) 833 1537  or let us know in Request Quote so we can give you a special rate for high volume rental.

You can rent a minimum of one (1) pallet space for as short as one (1) week up to a year (52 weeks).

If you need to rent for more than one year, let us know in Request Quote so we can give you a special rate for long-term rental.

Rental fee is on a per week basis and is NOT pro-rated per day.

Ex. 16 days of rental is considered as 3 weeks

palletized iconPalletized is if your items are already stacked in wooden pallets upon arrival. These wooden pallets will also be used in storing your items in our warehouse.


floor-loadedFloor Loaded- in case your items are not yet palletized, they will need to be palletized to be able to store it in the warehouse. We offer wooden pallet rental at Php35/week.

If all/some of your items are not yet arranged on pallets, we need to palletize them (put the items on wooden pallets) to be able to store them in the warehouse.

Wooden pallet rental is at Php 35/ pallet per week.

This will cover the labor and equipment costs for transferring your items from the cargo container into the warehouse, and vice versa. This also applies if you need to move some of your items in/out within the duration of your rental.

Handling in is at Php 75/ instance
Handling out is at Php 75/ instance

Yes, you can just let us know when and how many times. We’ll bill you based on the handling fees. Just let us know under “Other Instructions” in the Request Quote form.

Handling in is at Php 75/ instance
Handling out is at Php 75/ instance

We also offer logistics services – pick-up of your items from point of origin to our warehouse and delivery of your goods from our warehouse to your chosen destination.  To give you a more accurate pricing, kindly Request a Quote.

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