Warehouse Solutions provides on-demand warehousing for businesses of all sizes. We handle the storage, transportation, and service of inventory on a pay-per-use, weekly basis.

Leasing a warehouse is great when you have a reliable forecast, little seasonality, and money to invest for improvements and equipment. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most us, and we end up paying for space we are not utilizing and wasting labor hours when order forecasts differ from our expectations. Let us take care of your warehousing so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

With Warehouse Solutions, we offer you the ability to pay for only what you use, and we include standard warehousing services, such as loading and shipping, as available options. You can remove your goods from the warehouse at any given time.

Storage units are relatively small, expensive on a square foot basis, and rarely have loading docks. When you put your products in a storage unit you need to be there to receive and ship them. We can provide assistance in unloading and loading of your palletized shipments for your convenience.

Our on-demand warehouse model is flexible and dynamic so you can scale up and down your based on needs. We only require clients to avail of at least one pallet (standard pallets are 1.2m x 1.1m x 1.47m) per week.

Our warehouse is easy accessible from the airport and seaports. We can provide transportation services from any point of pickup to any point of destination upon request.

If you’d need these services or other logistics requirements, please tell us more here so we can prepare a quote for you. You can also contact our Customer Service at +(632) 833 1537.

We offer container de-vanning services subject to additional fees. Pricing for cargo de-vanning quoted based on a variety of factors including carton count, pallet configuration, volume of containers, etc.

If you’d need these services or more complex handling requirements, don’t forget to indicate it when you Request a Quote.

We do our best to ensure that pricing is as up to date and accurate as possible; however, the pricing listed is subject to change based on current warehouse capacity, demand, etc. Every reservation includes a scope document to which both parties (shippers and warehouses) agree that includes finalized pricing based on exact project requirements.

It’s best if you can request for a quote, so we can give you the most accurate pricing.

The handling fee covers the warehouse’s handling of full pallets when they arrive and leave our facility – this includes moving pallets in to and out of shipper providing transportation. This fee does not include cargo de-vanning, palletization, etc.

If you’d need these services or more complex handling requirements, don’t forget to indicate it when you Request for a Quote.

Due to liability and security of the warehouse facility, physical access to our warehouse facilities is not typically permitted. Access for inventory audit is allowed and must be scheduled in advance per the Warehouse Services Agreement. Please contact our customer service hotline to schedule.

We ensure that our facilities and staff meet our quality standards. Our warehouse is equipped with CCTV cameras and are regularly monitored by our warehouse management team.

If one of your pallets is damaged, please contact our customer service hotline at (02) 833 1537. The operations team will initiate the process to investigate any claims that may arise regarding damage to goods.

Three simple steps to get started:

    1. Request for a Quote – Tell us more about your warehousing and storage needs.
    2. Get Assistance within 12 hours – We’ll get back to you within 12 hours with the warehouse solution best fit for your needs.
    3. Enjoy On-demand Warehousing – Move your items into our warehouse and pay only for the space you use with no long-term contracts.

Requesting for a Quote is always free.

Warehouse Solutions

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